October 11th, 2016

Facetime for windows how to download

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The demand for FaceTime for Windows has been steadily rising. For those of you wondering how to get your PC to sort an iOS only application, it is not that tough. Fortunately, there is a good emulator to run iOS on Windows, much like Android Emulators. And so if you have a Windows PC, you need not rely solely on Google’s underperforming Duo app to connect with your friends over free internet based calls.

Facetime for Windows can be easily installed, using the iPadian application. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Download iPadian app using the official site. Google search results can also get you third party sites carrying iPadian’s exe file. Make sure to scan the file after download, however.

  2. Run the downloaded file to setup the app. Follow the instructions prompted and the process should finish in just a few minutes

  3. Launch the app and set it up if required.

  4. Go to iTunes and type in Facetime in the search bar.

  5. The app should be readily available in the search results. You can click install and get the app in a minute.
    Note: you need to login with an Apple ID before installation commences. You can make one afresh too. Keep the password safely noted in pen and paper, especially if you’re making a completely different one than your other accounts.

  6. Once the app is installed, launch it and set it up as required. Your contacts should sync pretty easily. Enjoy hours of lovely chatting experience.

The one shortcoming that FaceTime for PC has is that FaceTime isn’t supported on Android as yet. The app’s developers have thus far stayed away from it, although there are rumours that will soon not be the case. In either case, FaceTime users will continue to enjoy quality connectivity.

April 13th, 2016

Download Different Video Format from Different Sites Using Vidmate

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Vidmate is the classiest app I have come across till now. There is so much the app offers, and in such a beautiful manner. Vidmate is a lot more easier to use than most other video downloading apps like TubeMate or Videoder or others. Plus it boasts far more features than either of those two. If that isn’t class, what is?


What can Vidmate do?

Vidmate can do a lot for you in the small space that it takes upon your Mobile phone. The app has a lot to offer. Let’s list some good stuff it has to offer.

1. Downloading videos from a host of sites has never been easier. You get to search the entire public domain for free and download the choicest files without having to scroll and try and fail and try again.

2. Vidmate is wonderful if you want to download a song. Punch in the name of the song and you’ll receive a horde of links to download the title. It is really useful to find remixes and club versions and more of the same song.

3. The best thing about the app in my opinion is its interface. Everything is available one or two taps away. The last thing you want to do while browsing the internet for your favorite movie or TV show is be tapping around trying to figure out where a feature is.

4. The app also lets you download other apps, along with games, memes and watchhing Live TV!

Isn’t that amazing

You can get the app’s apk file from the internet. A Google search will take you to plenty of third party websites, all of which have the apk file for you to download.

Download different video format from different sites using Vidmate.

This is one amazing feature of Vidmate. The app lets you download content of your choice in the resolution of your choice. This is amazing for those of us who want to download videos quickly on a slow internet connection or who want to conserve data.
This is a feature more often available on Youtube videos. You can press the download button and a list of available resolutions will pop out. This will make managing space on your SD card a lot more easier. The resolutions also show the size of the resultant file.
Apart from Youtube, the sservice is also available on sites which host content in different resolutions. You’ll find a lot of such resuslts from prominent sites like DailyMotion, Vimeo and more.
Happy Video Surfing!

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